ISO/AWI 17305 - Safety of machinery - merging of IEC 62061 and ISO 13849

ISO/IECI 17305 - Safety of machinery -- Safety functions of control systems


This standard was under development will replace ISO 62061 and EN 13849-1 and EN 13849-2 and to merge both standards into one : ISO/IEC 17305 - Safety of machinery -- Safety functions of control systems

The timetable for this task was the following

merging of IEC 62061 and ISO 13840

During the period 2011-2013 a questionnaire was established and analysed.

During the starting point of the merging activities in 2013 to the end of 2015, a huge work was done to draw a standard. 

The differents groups for this work were divided as follows



Contributions to the project



Annex C, D, M, R, guidance for component specification, §7.5.3 Fault exclusion, Component aspects for §7 Systematic aspects


Relation to NCs

Introduction: outputs form the survey based on IEC 44/708/INF or ISO TC 199 N964



Annex I Examples for the machine builder implementing ISO/IEC 17305,
, , §10.2  Instruction for use, contributions to Annex A


Safety specification

§5  Safety specification, Annex A  Risk estimation, Annex G



Detailed comparison of the existing standards



§3 Definitions, §4 Project management, ISO/IEC 17305 structure, Inputs/Outputs for §5.1 General , §6.1 General, §7.1 General, §8.1 General and §9.1 General

§9.3 Modification, §10.1 Technical documentation, Annex B Safety management activities



§8 Software, including specific verification and documentation



 Annex L Example of verification of fault  behaviour and diagnostic means, §9.2 Validation



§6 Design of SCS, §7 Design and development of subsystems, Annex B, E, F, K

At the end of 2015 (2015-08) a WD (working draft) WD4 ready for CD 1  (Commitee draft) 

IEC and ISO have to vote in order to accept or not the work for merging

the IEC Plenary Meeting of IEC/TC 44 (safety of achinery) was held in Paris on September 17th and 18th 2015

The decisions  related to  the ISO 17305 standard and its future were  

9.15. ISO/IEC 17305 (formerly IEC 62737) Safety functions of control systems - JWG 14 - Joint Working Group with ISO/TC 199 (...).

ECISION 9: ISO/IEC 17305 'Safety functions of control systems – JWG 14 – Joint Working Group with ISO/TC 199 (...):

  • 9.1 IEC/TC 44 support the Convenor and his decision to circulate the CD
  • 9.2 IEC/TC 44 would like to see the work progress to CD stage to obtain feedback from the National Committees.

IEC/ TC 44 kindly ask ISO/ TC 199 to consider the proposals 9.3 and 9.4 at the upcoming ISO/ TC 199 plenary meeting and to support them.

  • 9.3 Establish a small Steering Committee in order to enable procedural decisions on short notice: Four members should be nominated for this steering committee:
    • JWG 14 Convenor
    • ISO/TC 199 WG8 convenor (ISO 13849),
    • ISO representative of JWG1
    • IEC/TC 44 WG7 convenor (IEC 62061),
    • IEC representative of JWG1.
  • 9.4 Recommend to reduce the number of subgroups in order to save coordination work between subgroups and expenses (meetings, travelling etc.).
    • Group 1 “General, Definitions, Specification” (clauses1 to 5, including the relevant annexes)
    • Group 2 “Hard and Software” (clauses 6 to 8, including the relevant annexes)
    • Group 3 “Validation and Documentation” (clauses 9, 10, including the relevant annexes)
    • With regards to the re-structuring of groups, circulate a new call of experts among JWG members to only include people that are members of the existing subgroups.

DECISION 10: IEC TC/44 seek clarification and agreement with ISO TC/199 about future intentions and time schedules for ISO 13849, IEC 62061 and ISO/IEC 17305. IEC/TC 44 do not want to review 62061 now, MT for 62061 to consider to review timescales once they know the other timescales.




Resolutions taken at the 18th ISO/TC 199 plenary meeting held on 28th and 29th October 2015 in Mainz, Germany (ISO/TC 199 N 1271)

2 resolutions for this subject were taken

Resolution 247 (Mainz 7, 2015-10-29)
SUBJECT: ISO/TC 199 – Cancellation of work item ISO 17305
The ISO/TC 199 "Safety of machinery"

  • considering the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1:2015 regarding the timeframe for standard development,
  • considering that ISO 17305 will not be on time for DIS ballot,
  • considering the discussion that took place at ISO/TC 199 plenary meeting in Mainz, decides to
    • cancel the ISO/IEC 17305 project before it is cancelled automatically;
    • set the JWG1 dormant and thanks its Convenor, Mr. Juhel (FR) for the work done.

The decision was taken by simple majority with 11 positive votes, 6 negative votes (Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, United Kingdom) and 0 abstentions.

Resolution 248 (Mainz 8, 2015-10-29)
SUBJECT: ISO/TC 199 – Establishment of an ISO/TC 199 - IEC/TC 44 Joint Advisory Group
The ISO/TC 199 "Safety of machinery"

  • considering the resolution of IEC/TC 44 to establish a Joint Advisory Group between ISO/TC 199 and IEC/TC 44 (see resolution XXXX (number still to be added) of IEC/TC 44),
  • considering the discussion that took place at ISO/TC 199 plenary meeting in Mainz
    • decides to establish a Joint Advisory Group between ISO/TC 199 and IEC/TC 44;

The experts of the Joint Advisory Group will be nominated by ISO/TC 199 and IEC/TC 44 chairpersons. The group should be representative of the main stakeholders, be limited to 8
people (plus NSB Secretary) and decide its own leadership.

  • asks the Joint Advisory Group to recommend the best way forward. It should incorporate the general outline and Scope taking into consideration, in particular, the results of the questionnaire done by the JWG 1 (see doc. ISO/TC 199 N 1035).
  • asks the Joint Advisory Group to send its recommendation to ISO/TC 199 no later than three month in advance to the next plenary meeting for consideration by the TC.

The decision was taken by simple majority with 15 positive votes, 1 negative vote (Australia) and 1 abstention (Italy).