Software-Assistent SISTEMA: Safety Integrity Software Tool for the Evaluation of Machine Applications


Software-Assistent SISTEMA: Safety Integrity Software Tool for the Evaluation of Machine Applications

A Tool for the Easy Application of the Control Standard EN ISO 13849-1

The SISTEMA software utility provides developers and testers of safety-related machine controls with comprehensive support in the evaluation of safety in the context of ISO 13849-1. The tool enables you to model the structure of the safety-related control components based upon the designated architectures, thereby permitting automated calculation of the reliability values with various levels of detail, including that of the attained Performance Level (PL).

Relevant parameters such as the risk parameters for determining the required performance level (PLr), the category of the SRP/CS, measures against common-cause failures (CCF) on multi-channel systems, the average component quality (MTTFd) and the average test quality (DCavg) of components and blocks, are entered step by step in input dialogs. Each parameter change is reflected immediately on the user interface with its impact upon the entire system. The final results can be printed out in a summary document.


Exclusion of liability

Care has been taken in production of the software, which corresponds to the state of the art. It is made available to users free of charge. Use of the software is at the user's own risk. To the extent permissible by law, no liability will be accepted for the software on any legal basis. In particular, no liability will be accepted for material defects or defects in title, whether in the software or in the associated documentation and information, particularly with regard to their correctness, freedom from errors, freedom from property rights and copyright of third parties, up-to-dateness, completeness and/or fitness for purpose, except in cases of malicious or wrongful intent.

The IFA undertakes to keep its website free of viruses; nevertheless, no guarantee can be given that the software and information provided are virus-free. The user is therefore advised to take appropriate security precautions and to use a virus scanner prior to downloading software, documentation or information.

Licence information

After registering with a valid e-mail address, you can download the SISTEMA software free of charge from this website. The IFA responds to registration by sending an e-mail containing the download link to the user. Ensure that the IFA's e-mail, sent from, is not blocked, for example by spam filters.

The user's e-mail address will also be used by the IFA to send occasionalSISTEMA newsletters. The user can delete his or her e-mail address from the registration database if desired after downloading the software or after receiving the newsletter.

SISTEMA is free software and may be used for commercial, teaching and private purposes. It may be passed on to third parties. It is recommended that new users then use the SISTEMA menu to register. Modification of SISTEMA and its hosting on other servers for download purposes are not permitted.


Inside SISTEMA are available :

SISTEMA-Newsletter 4 - 2016 10/10/2016 19:06:43

You can download this first release version of SISTEMA 2 at the homepage and at the page "All SISTEMA versions":

Projects and libraries of previous versions 1.x.x are not compatible and must be converted. The conversion and the main innovations in SISTEMA 2.0 are described in this document also available at the help menu:

The updated SISTEMA Cookbook 5 "SISTEMA libraries" (version 2) is now available in English:

SISTEMA Cookbooks for earlier SISTEMA versions can be found here:

New instructions "SISTEMA - Getting started" are now available in English and also linked with the help menu: